Energy Storage System

Adelaide SolarSafe are proud to introduce the latest in SMART HOME technology.

The SMA Energy Storage System combined with the Sunny Home Manager provides an industry first for automatic load control. By integrating battery storage, forecast weather conditions, and home energy consumption we can load-shift seamlessly to optimise battery consumption and PV generation.

Adelaide SolarSafe can provide customised energy storage systems to suit existing PV systems, or complete SMART HOME installations. The SMA ESS is manufactured and supplied from SMA's German factories, ensuring you receive the world's best, leading edge technology. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home energy requirements are optimised and integrated with your own personal energy usage patterns.

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  1. Self Consumption Boosted up to 65%
  2. Use Solar Power 24 Hours a Day
  3. Up to 60% Less Electricity from utility companies
  4. Upgrade Your Existing Solar System
  5. Maximum Flexibility of Storage Battery Type
  6. Smart Grid capable
  7. Emergency Power available on Grid Failure situations - Ideal for bushfire protection of your home's power supply!
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