Solar Energy
Battery Storage Systems

Our flexible storage systems allow you to be independent from rising electricity prices. The unique storage systems give you the ability to use your solar power 24 hours a day.

For many years we have all been waiting for an alternative to grid supplied power... It's here! Our Solar Battery Energy Storage Systems will provide safe renewable energy to your home when you need it most. Let us assess your own unique power requirements and tailor a solar energy storage system that best suits your needs!

Tesla Powerwall 2 Energy Storage System sonnenBatterie Energy Storage System SMA 'SMART HOME' Energy Storage System Enphase Solar Power Energy Storage System StorEdge Energy Storage System


  1. Self Consumption Boosted up to 65%
  2. Use Solar Power 24 Hours a Day
  3. Up to 60% Less Electricity from utility companies
  4. Upgrade Your Existing Solar System
  5. Maximum Flexibility of Storage Battery Type
  6. Smart Grid capable
  7. Emergency Power available on Grid Failure situations - Ideal for bushfire protection of your home's power supply!

There’s never been a better time to invest, with the Adelaide City Council’s ‘Sustainable City Incentives Scheme’. Enquire further about our Solar Energy Storage System

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