Storedge Energy Storage System

SolarEdge's StorEdge Energy Storage System - Independence from rising energy charges.

The unique SolarEdge StorEdge Energy Storage System, installed by Adelaide Solarsafe, will provide you with independence from rising energy charges.

The SolarEdge system provides world leading panel level optimisation. This ensures you get the maximum return on your investment. With most Solar Installations when a solar panel is shaded it effects the output of the entire string of panels. With SolarEdge solar panel optimisers, each panel operates independently from each other.

Combine the SolarEdge and StorEdge systems with cloudbased monitoring and you have the latest elite Home Energy Management and Storage System available. Adelaide Solarsafe are a Family owned and operated business. Our Design and Installation is 'in-house' ensuring your peace of mind.

YouTube: StorEdge Solution and Monitoring Portal Download: The full StorEdge Solution Brochure


  1. MORE ENERGY - Power optimisers maximising individual panel output.
  2. SIMPLE DESIGN - A single Inverter for Solar, Storage and Back Up Power.
  3. FULL VISIBILITY - Cloud based monitoring for Battery Status, Solar Production and Energy Consumption.
  4. ADAPTABLE - Compatible with TESLA and LGChem Battery Technology.
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